Easter Things

I hope you had a lovely Easter break, if you have one where you are?

I had a lovely one, but I do feel like I've been gone for an age.  I think it's probably because we went away for a bit.  Although it was only for a few days, it makes it feel like the beginning of the school holiday was a very long time ago.  Between you and me, as much as it's been a really lovely holiday, the last day or two I have been rather champing at the bit to get back to normality and quite frankly, have a little peace and quite again.

I feel like I have an awful lot of catching up to do.  I have a number of red dots scattered around my devices and messages have piled up in various different places patiently awaiting my attention.  I remember the days when they at least all came to one place... ahh, what simple days those were!  Still, the sun is shinning, I have the house to myself and I am happy to be able to turn myself to the task of getting things all straight again in the coming days.

I thought I might try and invoke a little of the Easter holiday vibe, as experienced from my neck of the woods before the feeling totally fades though.  As I recall, things started out quite calmly, weather reasonable, the child quite content to do very little really.  A few days at the stables, a little baking and some walks with the dog seemed to fit the bill quite well.  In fact,  I think she is probably on the very cusp of that age where all she will want to do is lounge around and then I will no doubt curse her indolence.  But at the moment, it's nice not to have to be finding entertainment to fill every waking moment.

It also meant that I felt able to keep a vague tab on how things where ticking along with my crafty 'Cherry Heart' goings on quite well.  I was able to keep an eye on things and prevent the build up of 'things to do' for a bit which was quite nice.  It all went to pot later of course, but you take what you can get.

In the meantime, the weather has been suitably spring like and although it's not always been that warm, it's mostly been quite sunny and the garden is responding well.  The blossoms are blooming magnificently at the moment and the smell that is wafting around the place is just lovely.  It's also meant that I've been able to hang the washing outside for the first time this year.  Is there much better in this world than the smell of fresh line dried sheets, or the feeling of slipping between them in bed at night?

I shall leave you with a selection of other pictures that I collected up during the week.  Nothing amazing to see really, just the bits and bobs of my day to day but I thought I'd shove them up here anyway...

S x






Bernice said…
What a gorgeous little bunny bowl ❤
Lisa E said…
Beautiful pictures, so spring like with a lovely cozy feel. Ah the easter break, you are missed already! x
mrsrobinson said…
Lovely holiday photographs... and do hope the catching-up is going well!
JennyHSkye said…
Lovely photo's! What yarn colours did you choose to match the mini eggs?
Thanks so much! I used cream, pale rose and the new buttermilk and mushroom, love those two!

S x
What a lovely post! Ohhh the photos of your yummy crochet blanket are making me want to start one. Stop it! I mustn't start another project...but your blanket looks so pretty...NO! NO! I will be strong, I will fight that urge....hmmm where are my crochet hooks again? Love the photo of your cat and dog. So adorable. I love how the dog is looking at the cat like "Ok, I am here, let's play." And the cat is just ignoring the dog. Too cute. :) Wishing you a lovely day.
Ha ha, sorry to be such a blanket temptress! But will the animals, you've about got it summed up! ;)

S x
Becca said…
Hi Sandra! Happy to say I am now receiving your blog posts in my email, so I took the time to actually sit down today and read your post! I enjoy blogging too and have been better at posting more this year. :-) Instragram has made me a bit lazy. Anyway, just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and happy to hear you are enjoying spring as well! Today was our first warmer, sunny day here in Seattle, but it's supposed to be back to rain tomorrow! Ok, just wanted to say hi but I'm heading back outside to enjoy the rest of the sunshine! I think I'll take some crochet with me this time. Happy Friday!
Hi Sandra. What lovely photos. Made me feel right at home there with you during Easter break... We still have one more weekend to go and I've been solo Mum for 2 weeks... Do I have to tell you I'm grinding my teeth...??? I'm so looking forward to school and getting up at 6am again. Back into routines and get some alone time in the office as well as in my studio. School breaks are great but it is just not the same when the kids reaches odler age... Its not enough to go to half a dozen different playgrounds anymore and each and every one have their own desires to be fulfilled. It is a constant juggle and negotiation to find the middle ground to keep the bunch happy. Well oh well. Love your crafty pics. The light is splendid. And your pets are just adorable. Thanks for sharing this Sandra. So enjoyed it. :)
zenuwpees said…
Des belle broderies et des beaus crochet bonne journée Marie-Claire