Granny Chic Set is Out

The cat is out of the bag, or more accurately, the magazine is in the shops.  Another of my secretive endeavours has been released into the world via the brand new #Crochet magazine, which means I get to share it here with you too.

This was a fun little project to do because it had a 'granny' theme and I don't need to tell you what a fan of the glorious granny I am.  This time the plan was to design a kitchen set of granny inspired goodies.  So, we have egg cozies, coasters, a cute little bobble edged trim, a tea cozy and of course, some wonderful granny bunting.

I love the richness of the red, which gives a nice cozy warmth to this little collection.  Just right for the hunkering down feel that you get at this time of year.  Well, not all of us of course, I know some of you will be enjoying lighter, brighter days about now but here in old Blighty the hunkering is definitely on the increase.

I love how they have styled the set, it looks very retro chic, I love it and it makes me want to make another of those tea cozies too.

You can find all the patterns in the magazine, which will be in the shops now.
(Issue 2 is the one you want)

Or you can buy #Crochet magazine online here, and as an added bonus, it appears to be available worldwide.

S x



Sehr hübsch!^^
Liebe Grüße, Manja
Oh my, what a treat! You really are a little clever clogs. I'm telling you, there'll be a book offer coming along anyday now! Great stuff Missus. I haven't seen this magazine in our local shops so am going to order it onlne.
So lovely - and congratulations! I need to make that t cosie... though do I need to be introduced to another must-have magazine? I don't - yet - know this one!
Well done, Sandra; the article looks lovely!
Congratulation :) Well deserved recognition. x
Whoop how exciting! They are lively, great colour combo :)
I bought the first edition of #crochet, must look out for this one.
Well done you!!! Beautiful makes, and they have styled them very nicely too haven't they! xx
I can't remember if this is the magazine I bought to read as a treat on Thursday when I actually have an hour off! I know I definitely looked at it and yummied over the pictures. Must check my mossing bag. If it wasn't, it's definitely next week's treat!
So cute and I love the colors! I'll look for the magazine! :-)
Well done Sandra!!! This is just wonderful!! Hope the mag will be a splendid success!!!! Keeping the granny going is so inspiring!!! Have a happy week!!!
Lovely creations, you have been busy. As you say, perfect finishing touches for the kitchen in this season of hunkering down. We need to surround ourselves with more wool when it's cold and damp. CJ xx
What cheery colors! Congrats on being published again!
So totally delightful! A real 'feel good' read. I wonder how long we will have to wait down here in Australia to put our hands on this magazine? I subscribe to another well known crochet mag but it's not the same as touching it! I'm off to my newsagent to see if he can get one for me. Congratulations Sandra!
Well done Sandra!! You must be so chuffed! I love the teapot has a great vintage feel about it. Have a great week! Pati x
You are so right! I definitely do want issue 2! Your designs are adorable!
Oh fabulous Sandra!! Congratulations! Your designs are so nostalgic of my granny and make me want to make that tea cosy right now!!!
Beautiful article! Congratulations !!
Wow Sandra what a great accomplishment ... I love the tea cozy also and it looks like the magazine is great. I'm going to try to find it here is the US. Congratulations dear !!!
Wow, what a lovely set! And congrats on being published. That's awesome!