Peek-a-boo Blanket

I've been working on a few super secret projects lately.

I've been lucky enough to get a few pattern commissions from a UK crochet magazine, which has been a new and exciting development for me.  So I've been playing secret squirrels and keeping things from you, which is a fun of a sort but it's a little hard to kerb the natural blogging instinct to share everything with you straight away!

Happily though, I can now tell you about one of those super secret projects because it's no longer in hiding and has appeared out in the open for all to see in Love Crochet magazine.


It's called, as you can see, 'Peek-a-boo Blanket' and I was thinking of those lovely fifties blankets that are simple but classic, with their patterns of holes as I made it.  It's a nice easy to learn pattern too, so once the first few rows are under way and you can see what's what, you'll be flying through it.

I added a little more detail to the edging to keep it interesting and I can't resist a little prettifying in the way of a crinkly edge.  But the good news is that you can easily adapt the border to a less frilly look.  That way it would be absolutely perfect for a boy too.

I used Sirdar Snuggly for the yarn because it's just the perfect thing for baby makes.  Lovely and soft and snuggly for baby, easy peasy to clean in the machine and at a reasonable price for you too.

I hope you like it and I've love to hear from you if you get a copy of the magazine and make one.  I think it'd work well in lots of different colour combinations, so please do share!

The magazine is only available in the UK (as far as I know) and I can't see any where that you can buy online, so I'm sorry my overseas friends, you'll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on this one but I will be able to release it for sale on my own site in time.

 - Update (26th August 2014):  Apparently you can get Love Crochet in the US at Barnes and Noble.  Thanks for the tip Lee!

- Update (1 September 2014): It's also available in Brisbane, so hopefully other places in Australia will stock it too - Thanks for the info Lisa! 

Pot Holder PS...

Oh and I completely forgot to include the pattern information for the potholder I made and shared in the last post.  Please pop back to the 'Small Wins' post which I've updated to with all the details (scroll to bottom of the post).

I hope you'll forgive me for not going back to each of you who asked about the pattern individually but holiday time is short so I thought this way would be quicker!

S x



Hello Sandra, sounds like you have been very busy. I can understand how hard it must have been to keep things 'under wraps'! I reckon this is quite a classic design. I totally love the colours you chose, so pretty. You got your very own style, do you know that?!!! Congratulations on getting this commission! And well done!
Happy crocheting!
Ingrid xx
Sandra-- you can find that magazine in the US at Barnes and Noble Booksellers. There may be other places, but that's where I've found it before. Congratulations to you on your published pattern-- it's beautiful!
Very lovely little blanket, sweet colours and cute stitch pattern. Brilliant you have the magazine commissions, Sam xxx
A dreamy blanket... love the colours!
At last, the recognition you were long due. Beautiful blanket. Book next? x
I agree. Time your hard work and talent was rewarded. But life isn't always fair and rewards others instead. However, you have a lovely body of work now that really shows of your designer credentials. It is both has a lovely pretty aesthetic and is accomplished in design. They are tricky 'proper' designs and beyond us lesser mortals - well me anyway. Also you have variety which is always good. This is a lovely classic design that looks bang up to date.
It is a beautiful blanket!! Congratulations on being published in the magazine too. I hope that you can share any other secret squirrels in due course!! xx
Oh, thanks so much for the heads up, I’ll update my post! Thanks so much for your lovely comment too :)

Sandra x
Gorgeous blanket, Sandra! It has a vintage feel, but with a modern touch with that bright pink border. Love it ♥
Oh thats lovely! Well done on a beautiful pattern...I look forward to making this:)
I love your blanket pattern and the colours are perfect! I've never bought this magazine before but I'm definitely going to buy this issue and try your design. Congratulations :-) Jo xx
Oooo.....we are planning a visit to the mall this weekend (I almost never shop at malls!), so I will look at our Barnes & Noble! Well done Sandra!
You are most welcome! I look forward to finding the beautiful pattern there! :)
Such a sweet blanket! So vintage :)
Congratulations on the commissions, Sandra. I know if must be very exciting for you. Your patterns and the work that is obviously put into them are deserving of attention. This pretty baby blanket is no exception. So sweet! PAMMY SUE.
Oooooh congrats on the commission and what a lovely pattern :) I've bought Love Crochet in the past and will look out for this issue when I get home :) I know exactly who I'll be making it for too!,
This is wonderful, how nice to see your work published! This blanket is so cute
What a sweet blankie! I'll be trying to get my hands on that mag - it'll be a few months down the line though before I'll get it....but get it I will!
Such a sweet, pretty blanket, I love it! Congratulations on your pattern commissions, it must be so exciting! :-) xxxx
Congrats on the commissions, Sandra, that's wonderful and exciting news! Totally love this gorgeous baby blanket - looking forward to more Cherry Heart-loveliness to come! Marianne xx
Congratulations!It is a beautiful blanket... It is difficult to find this magazine in Turkey but I will try to find it for ipad ...
Such a beautiful blanket!
Hooray!! Your commission is extremely well-deserved (and long overdue) - I'm chuffed to little pink bits for you! The blanket is simply gorgeous - both the design and the colours you've chosen - an absolute winner, you clever girl. xx
The blankie is so sweet! I love your color choices! Thank you for sharing the pot holder. I wanted to let you know I found the yarn for it in the USA.
How precious is that little blanket? I love it and I'm going straight to B&N (online) and order that magazine! Yippee!
Hi Sandra, looooove your blanket. It's a classic look with a cherry heart modern twist. Looks fabulous, so much that I popped out and whilst buying hubby's birthday pressies first had to find the magazine and buy this for myself and now it sat happily by my side just got to decide on the colour yarn to use.. Congratulations with your commissions you must feel so excited to see your design in the mag and the write up of it looks fabulous. Inspiration from you as always. : )
Wow my dear Sandra, congratulations! You are famous and published ...I'm going to hurry and get me a copy of the magazine and try to make one of the blankets. My niece is having a baby and that would be a perfect time to make one. I feel so excited for you and so happy you have your pattern published. I love it! Congrats !!!
What a wonderful blanket. Ho'omaka'i on the publication.