I do still knit...

.... a bit.

I've had this one on the go for about 2 months, from cast on to button sewing.  Pretty much all of the summer really and that's not even counting the false start I had back in May when I cast on too many stitches and had to undo all 292 of them.

I would say it's been a constant summer companion but actually of course, it's been an inconstant one, which is why it's taken me so long to get it done.   But no matter, for once I've been happy to have a project on the go that was on the sidelines and not in a rush.  I've picked it up between other projects and it's come together in fits and starts.

It's a Louisa Harding pattern and I love her designs.  I'm really drawn to her pretty and feminine style and that's a little unfortunate really as I'm not at all sure how well I can pull off 'pretty' or 'feminine'.  That's not to say I clump around in heavy boots and jeans with my husbands shirts on, dressed like a builder ready for work or anything.  But, you sort of form this idea of yourself and what you can wear don't you?  

So, as much as I wish I looked like one of those delicate waif like models with quirky hairstyles and flushed 'English rose' cheeks that are seen so often in LH's pattern books, one has to be realistic.  I pick and choose from my favourites and select only those that I think I will actually really wear.  This one I felt quite safe with.  I've made a few of her cape type designs before and I love them.

I'm also really happy with the colour of this wool.  Yum!
This is another sale bargain that I snagged from John Lewis aaaaages ago and I'm pleased I've finally found the right project for it.  That sort of duck egg blue is a favourite of mine and I've been going through a kind of 'blue' period with my yarny work lately.  Something you'll be seeing more of very soon.  (I promise!)

It's the perfect colour for this I think and will go with lots of my clothes, so now that it's Autumn, it shall be my constant companion once again.

Pattern: Merenge From Deco by Louisa Harding
Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool (Frost - 44)

S x

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It is beautiful and looks lovely on you and looks great with that flowerly top. I am in awe of anyone who can knit and produce something like this!!
Wow Sandra, that is beautiful! And the color is fabulous, I have a soft spot for that color blue as well! I am also not one of those uber feminine frilly females so I can relate to your thoughts. I think your project turned out great and looks adorable on you whatever you might think :D
Hugs and enjoy the week,
I blooming well love it AND it suits you perfectly. xx
oh waw ! so tender and sweet ! I love it !
Congratulations! It's beautiful! I love it!
A beautiful addition to your already gorgeous wardrobe of hand made items Sandra!! One of my fave colours too x
It's so pretty and I am in love with that color!

Really quite lovely! When you wish to be feminine and frilly, you certainly can be. Well done!
That is so lovely. I'm going to have to look up the pattern. The color is beautiful too - one of my faborites
This is really beautiful! I wish I had the patience to knit such a thing for myself and then the build to be able to carry it off!
So beautiful and love the color!! The detailing is so pretty! And, what a darling kitty!! Have a lovely and creative week! xo Heather
Sandra, your cape is gorgeous. A lovely project, showcasing lots of techniques.I still want to knit too, and sew, it's more about the time available, we need more time! Fiona x
Oh my that is gorgeous! Such a delicate knit, perfect colour, perfect little buttons :-) I so wish I had only half of your knitting skills! xxxx
Stunning.......simply stunning. One of my favourite shades too! xxxx
It is so beautiful and romantic! Oh, and you look perfect wearing it :)

so so pretty!!!! And such a gorgeous color.
It's beautiful and the color is perfect to show off the design :)
Wow! This is stunningly beautiful. I have knitting envy!
I really love it, such a gorgeous color and pattern.
It's gorgeous and looks great on you Sandra!! I love the colour and wish I could knit..... sigh... perhaps one day.
Pati x
Beautiful and such gorgeous knitting! I'm adding the wool to my ravelry page , just my colour
It's lovely! And I know what you mean about having an idea in your head of what you think you can wear, I hate when I really love something but think I could never pull it off!
What beautiful work, I like the colour and the way it drapes your shoulders.
Sally xxx
That is beautiful! I love the pattern and the colour. You most certainly do knit. Rather well : )
How did I miss this?! It's gorgeous Sandra ... ooh I have knitted cape envy!
Your knitting is beautiful and the colour is gorgeous! Looks so pretty and feminine.
Sandra this is gorgeous - perfect colour for the pattern. And your knitting is so neat and well done - envy from me. Looks really lovely on you, sam xx
what feminine lovely-ness!