Dainty Doilies

 How do you know when you've got a problem?

Is it when you keeping making something you've got absolutely no use for?  If so, I've got a serious problem.  I told you a few posts back that I'd caught Doily Fever and as time went on it was clear to see that the symptoms were pretty bad:

✿ A compulsion to keep hunting for doily pattern, even when you've found more than you'll ever make.
✿ Making doily after doily when you've never needed a doily in your life.
Making doilies even though you've no earthly idea where they will even go in your home.
✿ Spending money, buying cotton to make the doilies you don't need.
✿ Seeing the bewildered looks of those around you when you explain 'yes' it's going to be a doily'.

Yep, I had it bad alright.

But don't worry, it turns out ok in the end... I think.

I've stopped making doilies anyway.  I don't know quite how I stopped but I guess the lunacy of it all sunk into even my dim brain in the end.  But there's a part of me that's wants to keep going.  They're kind of compelling somehow.

Still, one doily free day at a time.

I've managed, more or less successfully to distribute them around the homestead.  One here on the side board, another there on the lamp table.  A few lying, slightly pointlessly, on the hearth.

But should the need for a dainty ladies tea party arise, one of those with paper thin teacups and delicate sandwiches with the crusts cut off, then I'll be ready.  Ready to spring into action with lacy sweet decorative doilies, to delight any innocent unmarried maidens that may turn up to sip a little tea whilst we work on our needlepoint together.  Or something.

Pattern: Enchanted castle

Pattern: Candy Dish

Pattern: Peony

Pattern: Tray Cover, Simply Crochet - July 2013

Pattern (Bottom right): Flower Chain

Just in case you should feel yourself coming down with the fever yourselves, I've added the pattern links beneath each picture for you and the details of the cotton I used is in my last doily post.  You never know, you might even have a genuine use for yours!

One more sneaky little thing...

...new patterns coming this way very soon.

S x

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Sandra, I know nothing about crochet, but... I remember seeing in a Martha Stewart Living about starching vintage doilies and then hanging them in the window as snowflakes at christmas - just a thought for any spares you might have. Or, just had another idea, what about doing black and orange ones as spiders webs for halloween!! Sorry, hope I haven't just sent you back to doiliedom.
ha ha ha, you've been so funny! I have that fever too, bu lucky me - i have not enough money to buy cotton, so I've made only 1,8 doilies until now (the second one is not ready yet, because the thread finished before the end of the pattern. I have to go to buy a new ball of cotton).
yours are wonderful, though. I'd like to say to you "keep doing them" but you know better.
Those are so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing the pattern post too! Have a lovely Thursday! xo Holly
Doilies can be used in a contemporary home if you're sneaky enough. Frame ones that are exceptionally beautiful. A medium to small doily (or even several at once, arranged) can be tacked to the front of a throw pillow for beautiful effect. My problem is that I want to make doilies, but I already have a large collection I inherited from my talented grandmother.
They're so pretty though! I know just how you feel; I recently crocheted 18 daisy dishcloths and I hate using crocheted dishcloths. At least you could frame yours in one of those glass sandwich type frames - I can't really do that with a dishcloth.
I envy your ability to work with such fine threads and impossibly small hooks.

Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld
This post had me chuckling. But I quite understand, they are gorgeous, I love your choice of colours.
I used to make doilies, not as avidly as you do but I have always used them under lamps around the house. Nowhere near as pretty and yours but I think I might try again and make some more colourful ones. They are gorgeous
Oh, they are so pretty! Dear oh dear, I am seriously wanting to buy some delicate cotton and try one of the patterns...you could make a simple linen cushion and stitch a doily to the cover...or to a tote bag...Chrissie x
They look soooo pretty and yes I was wondering if there was a place in my home for them.
I like " Amy at love made my homes" idea about the snowflakes at Christmas.

Sally xxx
Oh, they are all so gorgeous!! I love all the pretty colors you did, too!! I seriously need to start making some!! Thanks for sharing such prettiness today! And, love the sneak peak! xo Heather
You are not crazy because I have the same problem. Only I don't consider it to be a problem; it's a skill! I love making doilies and yours are beautiful. I especially love the color selection in the Sea Shell doily. I too have more patterns than I will ever make. My Pinterest board is full of ideas.
Oh My Gosh how I love all your doilies. I get stuck in the doily frame of mind from time to time as well. It's been awhile so I'm thinking maybe I should check out your patterns. I only have a gazillion balls of crochet cotton thread in every color known to man....
As ALWAYS Beautiful work My Dear!
Much Love,
Oh that is so funny that you keep making them and you don't really need them. But I must say there are some really good ideas on how to display them.
Your work is so beautiful.
Thank you for sharing them I can't wait to try some myself.
they are gorgeous! I can see how you would want to make lots of them.
Thanks so much! Yes, I was just saying to Jenn that I thought the framing was a good idea too. They'd look pretty that way. I'll have to look out for some nice frames. :)
Sandra x
Your doilies are sooooo cute and nice!I love the patterns a lot!
Ooh, the pillow idea! I love that idea so much. Why on earth didn't I think of that?? I actually re-covered a footstool ages ago with fabric and sewed on doilies and it one of my fav things. Thanks for the fabulous idea, I can see that in my future!
It's lovely that you have a wonderful collection that you inherited though and even better that they are with someone who can appreciate them.
Sandra x
Blown away by these lovelies! So beautiful and delicate ... They would have been fantastic at my sons wedding ... Perhaps you could hire them for events. You could never have too many especially the sea shell one!
Hi Sandra, Love the doilies!!!I have lots of them!! Daughter Jesse collects them!!!!My Mom also had doily fever at one time but seriously, i don't think you can have enough!!!
Have a happy and crafty weekend!!!
Your doilies are so pretty and delicate! I've seen on Pinterest some gorgeous projects with doilies sewed to them, such as pillows and even blankets with a marvelous result! xxxx
Truly beautiful....I will have to brush up my crotchet skills!!
They are too beautiful not to make...if that doesn't sound backward! Completely exquisite...the sea shell one is my favourite, so 30's in design. Seeing the doilies to a pillowcase sounds a fab idea to me!
Hi I have already commented but while I was looking at the pattern links you gave us I stumbled across this, it might be of some interest to you.

I have all these symptons! However, I haven't got around to making as many as you have or as pretty! They are all gorgeous. Oh, and my quilting ladies look at me as if I've lost the plot!
I've started another doily for autumn so I'd better get it finished in time for this autumn! Thank you for sharing yours. Nice to hear of another addict!
Hi Sandra - I love doilies and yours and beautiful. You could find a way to join some and make a table runner or even a bed throw - just think how many you could justify making then! Have a lovely weekend. Lily. xxx
These are quite possibly the most beautiful doilies I have ever seen. I mean that. The stitch patterns are divine and the colors, gorgeous, making them up to date and not your Grandmas doily. Sandra, your family will love to have these as years go by. A reminder of when they watched you hooking away. Gosh, I'm making you sound so old and near to a grave! I don't mean to, but you know what I mean. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing these divine doilies.


This post made me chuckle so much, I used to make sweet little doilies all the time and then feel slightly guilty that I liked them so much when they clearly belonged to a different era - maybe it's time for a revival!

Your doilies are so beautiful! I have made a couple of doily cushions (a doily sewed onto a plain silk cushion cover) and they are very elegant, even if I do say so myself! I can't stop making them either, and after seeing yours and Crejjtion's multi-coloured doilies I have a feeling I'll be making even more :-)
I'm resisting the temptation to crochet doilies. I have loads of patterns and I'm slowly building up a collection of crochet thread, much to my dismay. I think I'm turning into an old fashioned olde worlde gran. Not that I'm a gran yet but I did turn 50 last week so maybe that has something to do with it ...lol
they are gorgeous. I am new to crochet and hope to be able to make at least one doiley.
They are very pretty though! :) I have some cotton given to me by my mother in law - I intend to have a play, but am severely lacking time at the moment.
Face-palm! Of course, Dottie.... silly me! Love DA style :)

Sandra x
Sandra, I'm so jealous! How how gorgeous and you have inspired me to try a few of the vintage patterns I own. What thread do you use ?
Hi Sandra, I know I have just emailed you but I'm just catching up on my post reading and this has made me laugh so much! I share the lunacy with you! Your doilies are gorgeous though - works of art in themselves and you know I'm intrigued by the cherry crochet on you last photo - when you put it on Instagram I fell in love :o)
Sandra, not to rock the newly balanced boat, but your doilies are too delicately beautiful to ever stop making them. A friend of mine makes small, starch-stiffened ones as Christmas tree decorations....
Ohh...these are pretty! I can see why you wanted to make them so much. They are quite magical with their dainty, spiderweb shapes and delciate colours. Could you display them somehow against a white wall? Or sew them into a fabulously irregular table runner, or on pillowcases or cushions...see, they're not so useless after all! x
LOL - I think I have the same problem as you. I love to crochet doilies, but have no use for them. I can't even get away with strategically using them around the house! At the moment, I'm managing to survive by obsessively pinning doilies, patterns and motifs on Pinterest!
I'm sure there is rehab for his Sandra :-) They are very pretty though! xx
Absolutely beautiful doilies! I love them all (especially the square one ;) )

I love doilies, can't stop buying them, thinking about the women that created them, just loving them to bits..who could not love such a simple joy...yours are most amazing my friend! Xo
Your doilies are beautiful and I love your gorgeous photography with the china. Doilies and china - all beautiful!!