Collar Folly

Thank you, kind and wonderful people for your lovely comments on my latest posts.  You are, as ever, generous and sweet to me and I adore you for it.

The summer holidays already feel like a long distant memory to me, I'm deep in the term time routine now and the weather has not been slow to bring about the end of the season either.  But despite that, I still have plenty of summer crafting to show and I need to get on with sharing it with you.

The alternative title for this post could have been 'Making Superfluous Stuff I Don't Really Need.'  After all my talk on my Merenge post about picking and choosing designs that suit me, that's really gone out of the window here.

I'm sure you've been there.  At least, I hope you have.  You see the pictures, they look so good, you love the idea, you get sucked in.  I think that's maybe what's happened here.  It's all those adorable collars I've been seeing everywhere you see, I love how they look and I wanted one, or two... maybe... some?

This first one is a Japanese charted pattern called Fresco Lino Collar, by Pierott Yarns.  I crocheted it in some cotton thread I had in stash that I'd picked up on my travels.  No idea what it is, as it didn't even had a label.

I have to say, I quite like this one.  It even looks quite nice with this one white top that I have.  But, that's the problem, it only goes with this one top.  I don't seem to have a lot in my wardrobe that works with a pretty, lacy, pale blue collar.  Hmmmm.

Strangely undeterred by this, I moved on and made something else I'd been coveting for a quite some time.  A gorgeous collar pattern called Astrid by Kalurah (Ravelry Link), I adore how this pattern looks.  It's almost like a fichu rather than a collar and I'm also amazingly drawn to those for someone who lives in the 21st century.  I think there's more than a small part of me who secretly would like to try out a week in the life of a Jane Austen character.  

This was a delightful pattern to make, and it whipped up really quickly.  Especially as I used it to fill in 'car time' on the way to and from Disneyland in the holidays.  I used my DMC Petra 5 cotton for this one and it's a lovely cotton to use.

There's only one small problem....

Yeah, I don't like it.

Ok, let me roll back from that a little.  I do like it.  It's lovely.  I'm just not sure it's really me.  Am I ever, ever going to wear it?  I'm not sure.  I can't imagine when, or where I would wear it.  What about you, could you pull it off?
Probably you're far too sensible to waste your time spending hours making things you'll never use but just in case you ever have, I'd love to hear about it!

S x

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I just love that first ice-blue lacy collar! It does look good on your white top. How about on a sweater too? Something modern with ice-blue as part of a pattern? It's so romantic. Jane Austen, yes!
the blue collar is beautiful and seems so light! The other one is beautiful, too, but honestly I'll never wear it, because it's not my style!!!! Anyway, you did a great job my dear!!!!
xxxxxx Ale
Your collars are both beautiful, do you think you might wear the second one if it was another colour? maybe black with a fancy dress?
If I would stop myself from making things just because I might not use them.. I wouldn't be making much in the first place! I've done at least three shawls already that I don't know when I'd use. But they're pretty and I like them all the same.

I'm just not bothering with using the stuff I make, that's not part of the reasons I like crafting :)
They are both so pretty! I also see so many things I want to make, but always feel they must have a purpose - such as a quilt. But there are many that are just fun to make, so I go for it!
Does it matter if you don't wear them? You made them, that gave you pleasure, and they are beautiful. Sometimes process matters more than product x
It´s really a very cute collar, you can wear with denim .
Hmmm, Sandra, do you think that perhaps you are not entirely over your doily addiction, so these collars are a form of 'wearable doily'? Just teasing, m'dear, they are quite beautiful pieces! The first collar is so delicate and unlike any of the other crochet collars I've seen, so it's a unique beauty. The second one, I love your work but can see why you might not find an occasion to wear it - but would it work wrapped around your waist over a solid-colour skirt? Chrissie x
They look lovely - but so far I have resisted the temptation to make one as I'm not sure I'd wear it. However, I'm not often that sensible and plough on with a project regardless. It's a bit like never putting a book to one side, and saying I'm not going to finish it as I don't like it. Books, once started, have to be finished! Hope you've had a good weekend. x
Ooh, they're just lovely Sandra. The cream one is my favourite. I'm thinking perhaps you could try it with a black top too? I agree with Annie, sometimes it's all about the making. I've lost count of the number of crocheted hats I've made that never see the light of day! xx
Nice with a navy top too?
what a beautiful collar
I love it !!
Wear the collar with a simple winter sweater. (We would call a circular neck a "crew neck", but I don't know the British term for that). We wore them that way a lot in the 50's and early 60's.
The collars are so elegant and delicate, Sandra. Beautiful pieces!!! A great way to say good-bye to the summer ;-)
Oh, they are so beautiful and elegant!! I really love them both!! Maybe the second one with a buttoned up cardigan, like Anthropologie style? ;) Wishing you a lovely and creative week Sandra! Happy Fall! xo Heather
Both are so beautiful! Love the first one for it cobweb delicacy and the second one is so luxurious, it's almost cape like! I have a Japanese crochet book with patterns only for collars and I love the patterns to bits, even though I have no business wearing them :) I am trying to inflict them on my daughter, who seems quite receptive to the idea so far.
It is dark outside. Time 06.33 am. The house is quiet and I really should have a tea and bowl of cereal and not sit here in front of the computer screen... But I can't help it. I am here. Laughing at your post. They are truly beautiful your collars. I am sure they were bliss to make. But hmmm... I am so NOT a collar girl. I would never wear one but that is me. And it is sometimes confusing when you sit there with a handmade item in your hand that you have put hours and lots of love into making just to realize... This will end up on the shelf, in a bag, up in the attic... Look at it this way. If you now already feel you will never wear it at least you have had the experience making one. I am sure you stumbled into troubles and frogged it not just once but a few times a long the making progress. And that mean you have learned something. New stitches, new designs, new crochet magic that you would never have learned if you didn't make it. Hang it on a pretty dress and make it a display in your bedroom. Sell it if you prefer. Use it as a lamp cover (might actually look very pretty...), give it to someone who has the style. Don't just put it into a drawer though. Make another one but like a doily and you will get lots of use from it on a table or as a pillow cover. Ok, you get the point. You are funny though. :D Ha ha ha. The top one suits you better than the bottom one if I may say so. I still think you are schamazing (quoting Nicole in X-factor...) taking on such a lacy project. Well done girl! Now, where was I? Oh, breakfast!!! Yeeps. Got to leave in 20 minutes now. This is truly a bad habit. But a fun one.
My Rose Valley
Without being rude, I am not at all keen on the first one. The second one, however, is really really lovely. I think it looks really good in the photos as you were wearing it, but I think it would also work really well with a fitted knitted jumper in the winter, especially with a skirt.
Yes, a nice round-neck fitted jumper. That's what I thought, too! Nice vintage vibe.
I can't imagine NOT wearing it! It is gorgeous!
Hmmm... a lot already been said that I was going to say... Love your collars! The first pretty blue one may look good over a plain roll neck or turtle neck sweater too. The second one looks gorgeous but not so sure how it would wear. But you never know. It may well be the height of fashion (or bang on trend as the current saying is) soon. The main thing is your enjoyed making it and I enjoyed seeing it... great eye candy and a treat!..... would it fit around the base of a lamp shade? ... just a crazy thought.
Oh my dear I cannot even imagine how many things I have made that I will never use, I believe I have about 15 shawls in m,y closet right now screaming for me to wear them, I love them, love making them but prefer to wear a sweater when it is chilly. I love the collars and I think they are just lovely, will you ever ear them, possibly not but you had a good time making them and that is all that matters.
Oh, I would so wear it!! I love it, so if that beautiful collar needs a new home, I'm your girl.. Or ( way older than a girl) fan of that beautiful collar!
Making Superfluous Stuff I Don't Really Need... is basically what the majority of my crafting is :) I always believe that things should either be functional or beautiful - even better if they are both. They're both beautiful collars so what if you never wear them, they were fun to make so why not make them!
I don't think that there is anything wrong with making something and not having a purpose for it, and if the collar only goes with one top so what, wear it with that top as and when you want and just enjoy it! They both look great and I am so impressed by how clever you are to have made them. If you enjoyed the process that is all that matters. They would always make great gifts if nothing else. Amy xx