Busy Doing Nothing

 The summer holidays seem to be chewing me up and spitting me out at the moment.  I don't know where the time has gone, my last post was almost two weeks ago for goodness sake.  The worse thing is, I can't even really say what on earth we've been doing that's been keeping us so busy.  I know we have been busy, but in terms of tangible achievements, I have very little to show.

I was kind of looking forward to the holidays this year, even though they always bump along a little at the beginning until we settle into our new, more laid back routine.  This year that doesn't seem to be happening.  The bumpy bit has happened, but the laid back routine has not.  Ahh well, there's still time I guess.  Plenty more holiday weeks to go yet.

I do have a couple of things to report though...

The day after we returned from our jolly holidays in France, I had planned to meet my new friend in yarn and blogging, the delightful Sam of Betsy Makes for a trip to Fibre East.  We weren't the least be sure what it would be like.  To be honest I half expected a few crafty type stalls in a bleak hall which we would be hard pressed to string out a ten minute visit to.  As it turns out I was wrong about that.  Completely and utterly wrong.  The event was a huge affair, covering three large school halls and three marquees with extra space for tea tents, refreshments and even sheep shearing! 

Sam and I had a lovely time wandering around the stalls, taking in the many, many yarny delights and temptations.  The picture above represents my little haul of goodies.  I could have brought so much more too, there were so many things that I meant to go back to.  Maybe next year... now I know what to expect.  I'd better get saving.

Little Miss has been spending a lot of time playing with paper dolls so far too.  An extraordinary amount of time really, they have been out on the table and in action since we came home.  We've taken them to the beach, to school, to parties, to the shops, to fancy dress parties, to the hospital, to the Netherlands and Bavaria, they've played golf and football, gone riding and ski-ing and still we've haven't cut out all the outfits these two girls own.  Extensive wardrobes they have, they must be very rich.  Other things like Lego and X-Box, drawing and colouring feature too, but paper dolls are the 'In Thing' right now.

The garden is still managing to turn out healthy looking plants with flowers, which has to be a record for August.  Slowly I've made some progress in plugging my barren floral gap of end of June to the beginning of September and this year's weather has helped a lot too.

I've also had a chance to enjoy a decadent day all to myself.  My Little Miss is having a mini holiday at her grandparents for a few days which meant a little lull in activity.  Time to catch up on all those pesky jobs that have been building up around here then?  Not on your nelly!  Time to sit with the feet up, relax with a good audio book and start new crafty projects.  Bliss.

S x

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Love your little Hexi 's,the fabric looks really nice,trying to make a bed cover out of mine,will do a bit then get a little fed up...but looking at yours I think I will do some more this week. Great photos..
Sounds like you've taken full advantage of the hoilidays to me! Kids won't allow for anything else. They love to be do something all the time - and as parents we always oblige. I can see you have had some stitching time - must indulge yourself too, of course!
I am in the exact same situation - suddenly a week has gone by without me blogging, then I think, 'hmmm, but what exactly can I blog about?' as I seem to be very busy but not much to show for it! Ah well, that's what summer is all about, I suppose...but I'm loving your little hexies, makes me want to get out my hexies and stitch up a few more, even though I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them! :) Chrissie x
Your little hexies are so cute!
Have a great summer time! :) J.
Those hexi's are so tiny and so cute
Hi Sandra, Your little hexies look sooooo cute!!!! Lots of patience needed for a project like that!!!! But in the end it's all worth it,isn't it??!! I didn't know you still get paper dolls!!!Boy, do they take me back in time!!! Have a fab weekend!!!
I can't wait to see what the little hexi's become. I love the range of fabric you've used. I can agree totally about the summer disappearing, constantly busy but not a lot to show for it.....but like you say there's a few weeks left yet!
Glad to have you back! It looks like you have some pretty things to work on. Have a good time relaxing!
Glad you had a good holiday, I love the fact that your daughter has really enjoyed playing with such an imaginative yet simple toy as paper dolls :)
I love all your little hexagons! I have never tried quilt making - it looks so fascinating, but I'm better with a hook than a sewing needle!
Love love lovin' those hexies! Too right, why waste spare time WORKING when you can relax and enjoy yourself, good on you!
Summer has run away with us, my kids go back on Wednesday and I have no idea where the last 6 weeks have gone...! Gorgeous photos, enjoy the time to yourself!
Always beautiful images in your posts :) Love your little hexies and your new yarns look lovely. Enjoy the rest of your holidays. xx
Oh my, look at the (gasp!) Drops Andes, that yarn looks absolutely amazing! Love your pretty shawl pin too (and all of the yarn, of course ;-)). I haven't got a clue about patchwork and quilting, but those hexies are extremely tiny aren't they? So cute! :-) xxxx
Hello lovely Sandra - ahh school holiday bliss? yes I can relate! Glad you've had a day to play with your own toys - your hexies look so pretty and tiny!! And superb log cabin quilt. I have fond memories of Fibre East too and will be stashing some cash for next year :0)
Thanks for the shout out too my friend, Sam xx
That last but one photo ... looks like bliss! Pull up another chair, I'm coming over!
Looks as if you are having fun in the sun. Love your crocheted cushion, do you have a pattern for this one? A x
Can I ask.. Do you glue your papers or do you tack them on, I would love to know. I have tried to get a glue pen that works temporarily so that I can speed along but I don't know if they even exist? Any clues.. I would be really grateful. I just love those hexis Jo x
Such pretty and sweet hexies! Love your beautiful quilt, too!! And, such gorgeous colors of yarn, especially the green!! Glad you are having a wonderful summer!! Wishing you a crafty week! xo Heather
What a lovely post. I know what you mean, many of our days feel busy with not an awful lot to show for it at the end. But you look like you've been having fun. The hexies are so pretty, I really do see a hexi quilt in my future... x
Gosh those dear little hexagons are teeny tiny, you must have the patience of a saint.

I used to love paper dolls but my daughter sadly never really showed any interest. It's just so lovely that Little Miss is getting so much pleasure from hers. They're certainly very well travelled!!!


PS. Drooling over your Drops haul! ;-)