A Gypsy Summer

It started like this.  Hooking up lacy triangles while sitting in the sun, happy work indeed.

I had a pattern idea for a lighter shawl, something that would be perfect for summer so when I came across this lovely cotton yarn, Safran by Drops, I thought it might be just the thing to make my idea come to life.  It has been too.  Lovely to work with, a great price and best of all, a great range of colours.  Bliss.

So I'm pleased to say that I now have the summer shawl I wanted and I'm even more pleased because I think it'll make a great new pattern.  But most of all, I've enjoyed having this project on the go
through the very best days of summer.

Sitting at home, making the triangles whilst perching on my garden bench.  Feeling the warmth of the sun, or sheltering in the cooling shade, watching the bees buzz and the breeze rock the summer blooms.  Then whiling away the hours on the long drive to and from France, joining triangles into strips and strips into a shawl.  Basking in the sun pouring through the windscreen and feeling the air-conditioning cool my face.

Then home again and time for some colour.  When I had this idea it made me think of the colourful old Romany caravans, with pretty flowers painted on them.  So I think of this a my 'Gypsy Shawl' and lots of these glorious little, deliciously quick to make, flowers were utterly essential for the final 'vision' as I imagined it.  As the great lover of 'the dangly bit', these flowers were the part I was most excited about.

Then the debate of how best to block.  After a little research I decided to wet block.  So a good soaking and a good stretching and my little vision was complete.  In retrospect, and after further experimentation, I think I would have been better to go with the stretch first then spray technique.  Bother.  Still, you live and learn and anyway, it seemed a small point as my shawl was now ready.

Ready for wrapping and dangling around me.  Ready for prancing and preening in.  Ready for some posing and photographing.  Are you ready for that part too?

For some reason, as you might have noticed in the pictures above, this shawl of mine just seems to call out to be wrapped around my waist too, as some sort of decorative 'over-skirt' which I'm pretty sure is not actually a thing.  I can't help but love how it looks - am I going crazy do you think?  I haven't worn it out in public that way... yet.  But there's no getting away from it, I do kind of like it that way.

Well, I hope you like it.  At least as a shawl, if not as a slightly unusual skirt draping!  As always, when I thinking of making a pattern of something, I'm always a little nervous to know what you all think.  I hope that it will speak to you of gorgeous long summer days the that way it does to me.

Gypsy Shawl Pattern

S x

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I think this shawl is really pretty. I especially like the little flower decorations.
I LOVE it :) Beautiful colour and clever design! The flowers add a perfect finishing touch xxx
I love it, it's beautiful. I like both ways, very nice as shawl and also very nice as skirt draping

I think your shawl is really really pretty and I like it as a skirt thingy too! The little flowers looks so delicate and colourful and will remind you of the summer as well. Lily. xxx
Hi Sandra, It's beautiful!!! Gorgeous!!! Stunning!!! And I want one!!!!The flowers makes it pop!!!It's really perfect!!!
My goodness me! This must one the prettiest things to come out of Blogland this year!
What a beautiful lacy shawl and I love the colour of your yarn. Shawls are so versatile and I especially love it worn over your white skirt and the dangling flowers are definitely and pretty touch. Well done for such lovely work!
I'm doing a autumn/winter shawl at the moment. My first!
Your shawl is beautiful .I love the lacyness of it and as for whether it be a shawl or an over skirt, I think both work and look wonderful.

Sally :) xx
Another beautiful creation from you! I have to check out that yarn, it's stunning...and the flowers add such a fun touch - of course you'd wrap it around your waist, it just *looks right*! Perhaps it's the gypsy-like flowers dancing at your feet...Chrissie x
Love it! :) So co-ordinated with your flower bag. x
So pretty!! Love the colorful flowers that dangle! :) Happy day to you! xo Holly
I just saw the pictures on Ravelry so I came running over here hoping for the big finale :-) I absolutely LOVE it, it's happy, original, playful, and it has put me in a brilliant mood just looking at it! So yes, I would want to wear this as an "over-skirt" as well. Evenmore, I'd be spinning around like a crazy lady to watch the flowers fly by! :D Brilliant work Sandra! xxxx
simply beautiful! do you offer your patterns for sale? I'd like to make one of these.
Oh la la ! Superbe de chez superbe !
Oh Sandra it's absolutely beautiful! I love the colors of the flowers combined with the soft shade of the shawl <3
Smiles, DianeM
How very gypsy of you! :D I love the color combinations and especially the dangly bits :D
It's gorgeous, and I do love the skirt drapy thing!
Gorgeous! *swoon* This is exactly the shawl I've been looking for! I cannot wait for the pattern. :)
Beautiful! I think it looks cool as an overskirt too.

One-oh-four x
Oooooooohhh!! this is amazing! I'm amazed with so much beauty!
This shawl is beautiful!! lovely!! the colors, the pattern ...
Really a wonderful job! and I love the wooden brooch!
Congratulations and kisses from Catalonia!
It's stunning. The little flowers around the edge really make it. And yes, it does look very good as an over-skirt thing, you could totally pull that off! x
the flowers add a wonderful whimsical quality to the shawl - its beautiful!
Pretty and adorable at the same time....graceful with a touch of whimsey! Love it !!!
oh my goodness! That is simply stunning! I love it! You are so creative Sandra!
How beautiful! I love the chalky color!!! And how smart to use it as a gypsy drape over your skirt. I am looking for shawl pins like you have... Etsy maybe or where do you find yours? Annette, My Rose Valley
I think it's beautiful! I love the colour of it and most of all I like the way you attached the flowers.
Wow ... that's a real keeper. It's absolutely beautiful and such a lovely colour. I think it will always remind you of summer.
I love it Sandra! I saw it on your Ravelry project page yesterday and fell in love, pattern please :)
Sandra .. it's stunning I love it I want one ... the flowers finish it off perfectly ... Go tie it round your waist and dance barefoot in the grass ~ Sarah x
What a perfectly lovely shawl. The addition of the little flowers along the edging does give it a boho feel. I think little mini pom poms would look great as an alternative too, even if a bit fiddly to make.

Have a great weekend x
This is so pretty! The flowers definitely finish it off :)
Beautiful! Love the addition of the flowers.
Sandra, it's gorgeous, both as a shawl and a skirt. Beautiful pattern and colour choice. Make sure you wear it out in public a lot, it's so lovely it needs showing off, Sam x
I absolutely love this pattern. It is ideal for my daughter in law. I promised her to knit or crochet a shawl for her wedding dress. My son and her are going to be married in October so I really really hope you will have a pattern available very soon. Can you tell me anything about that? I would love to buy a pattern from you.
Annemie :-)
Gorgeous!! In every way. I love your choice of colours and it's different without being twee - you have such a good eye for creating crochet masterpieces!! J9 x
This shawl is breathtaking, so beautiful, you must be so pleased with how it turned out.
What a beautiful shawl! I think it's just gorgeous whichever what you wear it and am looking forward very much to the possibility of you making the pattern available. I love the design of the triangles and the flower fringe - just SO pretty! Just finishing my blossoming bag - thank you again for sharing the pattern for that - it's fab and it made such a nice holiday project. Have a lovely weekend, Sandra! E x
Gorgeous Sandra, it looks beautiful worn both ways. I just made 2 of your pincushions today, thanks for such a wonderful tutorial! xx
I'm in danger of running out of accolades here ... you are such an inspiration my friend. I'd loved the glimpses I'd previously seen as it was in progress, but those flowers? They are a masterstroke. It's absolutely exquisite Sandra. Definitely wear it both ways - it's equally lovely.

I have a feeling I'm going to keep trotting back here just to gaze at it.

I think it's very, very pretty, very 'Cherry Heart', and a very great pity that, despite teaching myself to crochet trebles into a decreasing loop the other day, I'm still a hopeless crocheter, because I'd love to hook up one of these beauties myself :)
This. Is. Absolutely. Gorgeous!!!

You are so clever!! I love it as a shawl, and a skirt thing!! Hoping that the pattern is coming soon as possible I need this shawl!

Love G-Gurl xx
Stunning and I love the little flowers. Amanda x
Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the flowers and the beautiful color!! Happy sweet day to you! xo Heather
Thank you so much, you're very kind! I'm just replying to you here as I can never seen to get emails through to you, they always bounce back. I don't know if it's just me, I've double checked I'm typing it right... just thought I'd mention it.

S x
If it isn't a 'thing' it should be! Properly GORGEOUS as a shawl and a thing : ) Jen
Oooooo your shawl is just gorgeous!!
It's perfectly lovely, and the flowers give just the right touch of colour and whimsy. Of course you want to wrap it around your waist - who wouldn't? :)
Gorgeous shawl! Looking forward to a pattern!
I bought some of the Safran yarn a while ago to make myself a summer shawl - and that's as far as I have got. I really must get crocheting or the summer will be over. Your shawl is beautiful and has inspired me to make a start on my own shawl.
I bought some of the Safran yarn a while ago to make myself a summer shawl - and that's as far as I have got. I really must get crocheting or the summer will be over. Your shawl is really beautiful and has inspired me to get started on mine.
Just gorgeous! I love the colors you chose...perfect for a gypsy summer! When will the pattern be available?
this is just beautiful and I like the idea of wearing it over a skirt. Is there a tutorial for this?
Oh my goodness - I LOVE it! It's sooooooooooo pretty! Oh I really must learn to crochet! <3
It was the skirt photo that grabbed my attention and called out to be copied!
I'm in love with this little pretty! Around the waist is grand as well! Your work is delightful! I want to begin one now, thank you for sharing this! Sorry about the late post, I'm catching up on the old inbox! :)