Saving the Sofa

I find that I can't go long without wanting to return to lovely, lovely hexagons.  There's something about them I just love.  I suppose that's a little strange considering how I started out with them many moons ago.

I still haven't plucked up the courage to make a larger project on the scale of a quilt but I do adore working with them for smaller things.  The ones I'm working on now wil eventually become a seat cushion, but even something quite small like that still takes a good long time to piece together.

I seem to be in the midst of longer projects at the moment.  You've seen my latest one, a nice big crochet blanket, and I have just finished a new quilt too.  I'll show you that one soon.  Then I've started work on these hexagons and a new crochet project, which will some time in the making too I reckon.

In short, I find myself in need of a quick fix again!

Whilst working away, busily covering these bits of paper with adorable fabrics, I've found that I could make use of yet another pin cushion.  I've been sticking my needle in the arm of the sofa so far, which actually does work admirably.  But, as I wanted to contrive the need for a quick project, I felt that a little pin cushion specifically for the purpose of saving my poor prickled sofa would meet the case very well.

I remembered recently having seen just such a cute, tiny and perfect pincushion on one of my favourite blogs, Pretty by Hand, written by the amazingly talented Kristyne Czepuryk.  Kristyne is always making the most gorgeous things and the little strawberry pincushions she made were just what I needed.  Super quick and super cute.

And I'm sure it'll be super handy once I stop procrastinating and start getting on with  my other, less instant, but hopefully no less gratifying projects.

S x

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I love both... Hexagons and strawberries.i once in my teens nearly finished a quilt out of hexagons... All hand sewn. Then in the 90's I tired of looking at it in the cupboard and took it to the Charity shop. Oh! How I have regretted that since retirement. I hope it went to a good home
Kindest regards Linda gilbert
I love the pin cushions really cute. I must give that a go. I love your little hexagons too what pretty fabric :)
Oh, is very cute and lovely. Great job. Kisses.
I love the hexagons, love the strawberry and love your blog!!!!!
Can't wait to see the seat cover! And those strawberries - arrrggghhh!! I saw them on Pretty by Hand too (and Nana Company ofcourse) and now you have done it as well, I simply NEED to make some. What pattern did you use?
Such a sweet little pincushion. And I love that the little strawberry flower is included :)
Everything lovely and beautifully done - the leaves sewn atop the little pin cushion is a sweet touch. Joy x
Two adorable little projects...hexies and a strawberry pincushion =D
so pretty. I love 1930's reproduction fabrics.
I'm working with hexagons at the moment also! They are addictive, aren't they? Love you little strawberry - very pretty.
Ah yes - the sofa arm pincushion. I've lost a lot of needles that way. Your strawberry is MUCH nicer! :)
Love your hexes!! I was just working on a hexie flower tonight! Cute strawberry pin cushion, too!! Have a lovely day! xo heather
What a cute pincushion, I'm always leaving pins in the sofa arms or the top of the ironing board... terrible habit. Sarah x
Love hexies too - I can feel a hexie project brewing! Pin cushion so so sweet, you'll have to make a cherry version :-)
Awww, the strawberry pin cushion is SO cute! I need one :) Can't wait to see what you do with your hexies!
Aaah hexagons! I love them too, sooo much! I have just started to hand quilt a hexagon quilt for my daughter, and I'm already starting to cut the papers for my next hexie quilt! This time I'm going for teeny-tiny ones! It's going to be a long-term project!!!!
Hi There, Super cute pin cushion!!!Don't you also wish for an extra pair of hands to help with all the WIP!!!!
Your little hexies are beautiful, I look forward to seeing what you make. And the pincushion is adorable!! Wendy xx
What a cute and sweet strawberry!
I love all those little hexagons, from afar that is! You are a much braver soul than I!!! LOL! Things that have so many edges that must be stitched together drive me bonkers, OK, maybe I am already bonkers but worse bonkers if there are little hexagons involved! :D Look forward to further updates on their progress :D
Beth P
I had a lovely couple of hours over the weekend reading your blog and archives - thank you for the enormous amount of work it mast take to put it all together. Your colours are beautiful. I have just started a blog, you should consider yourself an inspiration. I signed up for a two hour sewing lesson today and I can make a granny square - I've got a long way to go, so keep the inspiration coming... Thank you