Sampler Blanket

 There's something I've been working on for a while now.  It's turned out to be quite a mammoth beast in the end, but a cuddly and eminently enjoyable beast.

You're probably familiar with the concept of a blanket made up of samples of lots of different patterns.  It's a popular idea and as usual, one that didn't immediately stop me in my tracks.  But one pretty picture led to another until I came across one that tipped me over the edge.  This one to be exact, of a scarf by the oh so talented Coco Rose.  Isn't it a gorgeous sight?

That did it, I fell in love and my mind was filled with images of what a blanket of these squares could be.  My mind saw soft, my mind saw subtle and my mind decided that a blanket of such squares should have a faded vintage look.  A lacy, frilly and open look.  Sort of Victorian lace cuffs and old washed out photographs.  Time to go a wadding in the stash pools and see what I could fish out!

My stash rewarded me well and I gathered most of the colours I needed.  I started making squares in an aimless kind of way, leafing through the book (links at the end folks...) and picked out patterns that I liked at random, matching it the to colour I thought it would look nicest in.  A very pleasant past time.

Making squares is a nice way to make a blanket I think.  Each one feels like a mini project itself and so the finish of each one brings a little sense of achievement.  Especially when each one is a new pattern to be mastered.  I went on this bumbling meandering way for a while until I had a square or two in every colour and then, as it so often does, my mind searched around for a little more purpose.  Meandering along on a journey is enjoyable it said, but at some point aren't we going to need to know where are we actually going?  I sometimes wish I was a more 'wing it' and leave it to chance sort of person, but the truth is I am not.  I am a plan it out in and have a road map to follow sort of person.  So I started making plans.

The plan wanted to know how many squares I should make, the plan needed to know how many in each colour, how many different patterns would I actually use and how, oh how, will I be joining these squares?  There was much to be decided upon but isn't that the joy of it?  Thinking of options, trying out ideas, checking it all against the mind's image of the 'ultimate goal' to see if you can actually pull it off as you intended?

 Well, we all have our own methods, no doubt.  But, happy now that my path was, if not set in stone, at least following a compass direction of some sort, I strolled forth.  Not rushing but enjoying the journey, giving new ideas a chance to bubble up along the way and letting the last bits of the jigsaw fit into place as I worked my way through the squares and around all the edges.  Until every last stitch was hooked and every last thread was woven.

I think this is one of those reasonably rare but wonderfully happy occasions when my mind's eye and my real eyes can say they are looking at something fairly similar.

So I'm calling it a success.

The 411...

All the details I thought you might want to know and probably a few more besides.  

13 Square colours:
1.  Stylecraft Special DK - Cloud Blue (1019)
2.  Stylecraft Life DK - Mint (2342)
3.  Stylecraft Special DK - Pale Rose (1080)
4.  Stylecraft Special DK - Soft Peach (1240)
5.  King Cole Pricewise - Pale Blue (19)
6.  Stylecraft Special DK - Apricot (1026)
7.  King Cole Merino Blend - Linden (165)
8.  King Cole Merino Blend - Corn (794)
9.  Stylecraft Special DK - Cream (1005)
10.  King Cole Big Value - Fallow (378)
11.  Stylecraft Special DK - Silver (1203)
12.  Stylcraft Special DK - Sherbert (1034)
13.  King Cole Merino Blend - Caramel (790)
14.  Stylecraft Special DK - Parchment (1218)

Hook: 4mm
Size: 2.15 x 1.65m (85x65")
Weight: 1666g

Yardage (approx):
80 squares: 3234
Squares and Edging:  966
Border: 966
Total for the blanket: 5166

Squares: A total of 27 different patterns all from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets:
9-Arcadia / 14-Alhambra / 16-Waterlily / 24-Italian Cross / 31-Primrose Square / 35-Tricolour Square / 42-Lacy Wheel / 46-Meadow / 47-Queen Anne’s Lace / 58-Peach Rose / 64-Sunshine Lace / 69-Fudge / 74-Seville / 78-Briar Rose / 85-Lemon Stripe / 88-Edwardian Fancy / 92-Victorian Lace / 94-Gothic Square / 95-Kingcup / 98-Old Vienna / 100-Pastel Delight / 161-Daisy Chain / 165-Coffee & Cream /-173 Big Round / 189-Willow / 197-Fretwork / 209-Marigold

Square Joining:  A combination of my own pattern and the Join As You Go (JASG) method: Lacy Blanket Join Tutorial

Border:  A combination of my own pattern (click here to view pattern notes in Ravelry) followed by No 93  from Edie Eckman's Around the Corner, Crochet Borders.

S x

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Oh I would call this one an outstanding success Sandra! I love the lacy/vintage-y look! Well done as always!
Wow it is very beautiful
So many different and lovely patterns in one single blanket. That was quite a job! What intricacy and detail, right down to the lacy join and lacy edging. Well done for your work!
Wow, it is stunning Sandra!! Such beautiful colors and detail!! I love the lacy feel of it!! Always inspiring you are!!! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Heather
Oh my goodness Sandra, this is beautiful, I mean really beautiful. I am loving the colours and quite surprised to see what yarn you used, I expected it to be expensive. I am totally going to pinch your colour scheme for a project one day.
Gooooorgeous blanket!! I also have the need to plan ahead and think things true, making a blanket and just picking colours as I go is reaaallly hard for me. I love how your blanket still has that scrappy, "random" feel to it, and the border is just perfect.
¡ Congratulatios¡ It´s beautifull... I love the colours.
Very beautiful blanket. I love the colours!
It is so beautiful, just absolutely perfect.
So beautiful! I love the colors you chose.
Simply stunning, its just so beautiful,
Karen x
Sooo schöne Farben eine wunderhübsche Decke.
Well, wow Sandra - not merely a success but a triumph! I have been very much looking forward to seeing this finished as I have followed a bit of your progress on Instagram and I am not disappointed in the least! It is truly a beautiful work of art and as I read your words I can tell you really enjoyed the making process. The colours you have used are superb and suit the pattern of your blanket well. I also was very surprised to find out what yarn you have used (no disrespect to Stylecraft Special as we all know how great it is ) I thought you were on merino and silk or something as lush. Your blanket looks expensive and special and absolutely gorgeous. Sorry I'm gushing now - think I'm in love!!!! take care, Sam xx
Beautiful! Really, really pretty! I love the border between the squares, has a very 'vintage lace' feel :)
Oh my goodness is this beautiful! This makes me really really want to improve my crochet skills...This is absolutely gorgeous.
This is just wonderful!
Really beautiful work. Congratulations!
This is absolutely beautiful - and I was amazed to find that a lot of the yarn is Stylecraft - I thought it must be some sort of specialist cotton and therefore way out of my project price league! The colours work beautifully and the borders are sublime - I could go on! A success - definitely! Jane x
Absolutely stunning! :)
Absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about this blanket! Well done!
Oh wow, that is truly beautiful and just awe inspiring. I think I may be in love ... With a blanket. Possibly the most beautiful thing ever x
you know, i am a bad crocheter and i really don't know what you have been doing here but OMG!!! this is beyond words. love the colors and your finishing touches. wowwowwow.
Wow, it's just gorgeous, Sandra. Well done.
Oh wooooooow! And what a lovely beast it is... It's absolutely amazing: the colours, the pattern, the border. Wow! Congratulations on an amazing job.
This is one of the most, if not THE most, beautiful blankets I've ever seen! Truly a work of art. I love everything about it. Wow. Wow. Wow! Brilliant job. Just gorgeous.
This is just exquiste Sandra. Your crochet skills are unbelievable!
I am in love, that has to be the most gorgeous blanket I have ever seen! I now know what books I will be putting on my wish list!

So beautiful. The colours, the patterns, the edging..... a work of art. Be proud. xxx
Well I am calling it beautiful xxxx
Your blanket is amazingly beautiful Sandra; your talent boundless! This is an awe-inspiring piece of art! Joy x
Your blanket is amazing! such a great way to try all those wonderful squares. I really like how you joined them, and the border is lovely.
Love, love, love. I am amazed at your colour scheme and thank you thank you for sharing it with us. I would love to know which f the 26 patterns you used and how many of each one - not that I would copy or anything ;) ahem!! Really, I adore this. xx
Yet another beautiful blanket. Absolutely love this one and the border is perfect. Another one to add to my list. xx
Really beautiful. I like your colours very much. I wish people wouldn't just stick to one colour palate as there are so many beautiful variations if you want to use them. Bright is good but so is pastel and everything in-between.
Absolutely amazing. I love the soft muted colours and that border is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
A definite success! It's GORGEOUS!
WOW! It's so wonderful! Amazing - I love it!
Sandra, that is one of the single most exquisite crochet blankets I have ever seen. It's absolutely beautiful. x
That is so devine :) Just love it... what a great way to use up some of your stash. Beautiful.
This is one of the most beautiful blankets I have ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous.

TOTALLY and UTTERLY F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I could just sit and look at it all day, it's so perfect in every way and a fab and informative
post to read all about it too, Sandra.
Very,very,very well done. x
I love that feeling, the one where the item you had picture in your head is the picture you see in front of you. Just beautiful, the colour tones are perfect
That has to be one of the prettiest blankets i have ever seen. It is gorgeous.
So pretty, lovely colours and I really like the edging :)
Oh so beautiful! I'm inspired!
Really beautiful and I just love the way you joined the squares and the edging.
That is absolutely gorgeous. The soft muted colors with the lacy patterns, oh my. Makes me think of an old Victorian home with an antique couch in the living room, with this blanket draped elegantly over the back.
So beautiful I do wish I could crochet. The colours and lacy patterns work so well together. You are very talented. Sarah x
Wow...this is not just's magnificent!!! You always amaze me with elegance, creativity and beauty, and this blanket is just another example.
Just stunning! I love it, love it.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!
This is really the best blanket ever!
I'll put it on my wish list to make one myself.
Absolutely gorgeous! I was just telling my husband today that I wanted to start a new crochet project, and it looks like this is the winner. Thanks for listing all of the yarns and sources. So appreciative!
Googling pastels for a friend, came across your blog
Absolutely stunning it x
It's beautiful, I'm toying with the idea of a sampler blanket and this is a wonderful piece of inspiration!
As is often the case, I stumbled across your blog by just following my nose through the Web! I love the colours in your work and your photography is excellent. I even picked up a crochet hook and followed one of your tutorials...and blow me, I produced something halfway decent :-)
I take part in a group called What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) and shall put a link to here in my post if that's ok. Many deskers would adore your work!
Lunch Lady Jan
It's GORGEOUS, STUNNING and has such a BEAUTY! I LOVE OVE LOVE it! Can you tell?!!!! ha ha! Puts my measely efforts to shame! I really enjoyed making the squares, and as you say, they are like a mini project in themselves. You must have a huge sense of satisfaction, as it really is a masterpiece of crochet. You have inspired me! I'm falling out of love with my latest project and am trying really hard to keep it going and get it finished. blergh! I want something pretty now to get my teeth into. What have you done to me woman!!!!!!!!!! Have a super day! much love xxxx
Absolutely gorgeous! You are amazing with such talent for color combinations....simply stunning work ! As usual, thank you so much for sharing!! You are an inspiration :)
I love all the soft colors and omgosh... 966 squares?! The thought is overwhelming but one at a time it becomes manageable LOL! :D
Beth P
Sooo beautiful! Absolutely love your fabulous blanket. Such very lovely colors! Thank you so much for sharing. Would like very much a description of your special way of joining. So very romantic looking!
Oh my Goodness!! I've gone weak at the knees! This blanket is truly amazing. My favourite colour combo's and crochet combinations! LoVE it! I finished my first granny square blankets myself a few weeks back - progress on learning crochet is slow but with inspiration like you provide I'm not giving up!! J9 x
This is so, so, so gorgeous!! Wow!! I love the colours and all the different squares. It's like these are made for each other!! Liefs Else X
That blanket has simply taken my breath away. Stunning, simply stunning.
Wow, it is awesome, Sandra! And how stunned I was when I read it is made with acrylic yarn. The colours mislead me and I thought that this is all expensive stuff. Love the tender, pale colours, they have such a calm aura!
Whoa Sandra! Girl, you just keep raising the bar!! This is awesome :)
Gosh! It's so very beautiful... so soft, serene and very inviting :)
What a lovely blanket!!! Exquisite border, nice calm colors. Quite an accomplishment!! Absolutely love it!!
Amazingly beautiful! Congratulations Sandra!!!
This is stunningly beautiful. The colours are glorious. Well done you!
OMG...that is fabulous! Love the colour palette you've used!
Absolutely stunning! And thanks for putting the list of yarn together as I love all the colours !
That is so beautiful! Absolutely love your colour choices, the beautiful border....everything about it.Totally inspiring.So well done !
Your afghan is beautiful. I recently got the same book. The blocks are so great. I am hoping to start my own soon.
your blanket is beautiful-be very proud of it. very well done!!!!!! I am trying to make up my mind on a blanket for I think on our king bed. dont know yet what I will do yet- still looking-I also like the old vintage style. we have a white iron bed so I want somthing appropriate. and would like to use my stash from alot of baby things and xmas presents from last yr. so I will see, and again love love your blanket Sandra. take care ruth
This is stunning. Would love to buy your border and join patters when they are out.
Beautiful, beyond a success!