Meet Matilda and Molly

Meet Matilda and Molly, the new bunnies on the block.

If you read Posie get Cozy, you'll probably recognise these little cuties.  They've been featured a number of times and although they were absolutely adorable, it didn't really occur to me to make one.  Toys aren't really something I make very often.

Not until my little niece got her Easter present that is.  A sweet and cuddly little furry bunny, with beautiful long, patterned ears and that got me thinking... where had I seen adorable, stroke-able ears like that before?  Ahhh yes!

The kits had been sold out long ago.  But the PDF was available, so I starting thinking about the idea of making a little bunny of my own.

Of course, I didn't get away that lightly.  Silly me, thinking as a (semi) grown up thought, 'my Little Miss doesn't need any more toys, she has plenty of them'.  But Little Miss, thinking as a child thought, 'toys are for children, I am a child, therefore if Mum is making a toy, it must be for me!'

To avoid any confusion or disappointment, two bunnies seemed necessary.  So, having consulted Madam over her fabric choices for ears and dress, and having picked my own out, I set about cutting out doubles of all the rabbit bits and pieces.

I was a little apprehensive about bringing these felt softies into being, it's not something I've ever done before and I wasn't sure I'd be able to produce anything that looked anywhere near as delightful as the one's on Alicia's blog.  Luckily though her pattern was thorough and well explained and I'm very pleased that I managed to bring them together really quite well.  The biggest difficulty was the clothes.  Those mini collars and cuffs were a little too fiddly for my tastes but I adore how they turned out, so it was worth the fuss.

My favourite part was the little shawls.  I decided mine should have a granny style crochet shawl, whereas Madam stuck to the knitted garment in the pattern.  Mine was a fuzzy dark green to match the dress, hers was a pretty pink.  I gave mine a button to help it stay nicely in place, so my Madam wanted that too.

I had decided on the name Matilda whilst I was sewing my girl together.  Little Miss took a little longer to decide on the right name for hers.  Many suggestions were made, considered and rejected before finally 'Molly' brought a little smile to her face and we knew we had a winner.

So there you are, Matilda and Molly.  Welcome to our little world.

Useful to know...

Pattern:  Miss Maggie Rabbit Softie Pattern by Alicia Paulson
UK Felt Supplier:  WoolFelt from The Eternal Maker
Felt Colours: Sandstone wasn't available, so I used 'straw' instead.  I used 'grandma's garnet' for the boots

S x

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They're lovely Sandra! I've seen a few made now, on various blogs, and they always make me think about making one! I loved reading about how you made them. Thanks for sharing! x
Gorgeous - you've inspired me to get my finger out and have a go at making a rabbit from a Helen Phillips book I have - I dont have a lot of sewing experience so goodness knows what it will turn out like xx
They are so cute!!! J.
They turned out perfect!
Oh, the shawl is delicious! What bunnies so cute and charming! I congratulate you, really beautiful dolls!
They're delightful Sandra ... and destined to make their owners very happy I'm sure :)
Beautiful, Sandra, and such lovely clothes too! Lx
Oh my goodness they are so adorable. I love them, great job.
So precious! Great job on them.
and my first thought was 'Sandra's look so much BETTER than Alicia's!' O.O
heeheehee..... so cute!
Hei again!
To day you can see hvat become of my roses. Sunroses. Thanks again for your wonderful tutorial.
Hug for you an the sweet bunnys
How adorable! I love them and I really like the detailed little shawls too ~ perfect!
Oh my goodness, OK one more thing added to my very long project list! And I adore both those crochet pillows the bunnies are resting on, have you blogged about those in the past?
So adorable. The seem like a fun project. I have been thinking about making one since Teresa from and Gracie from made theirs. . . Like you I'm not much o a toy maker, but those re so adorable I have been thinking about it and now seeing yours makes me even more curious about the whole process. She does not have the whole kit so I was debating if to buy the pattern and try to get the supplies ...did you find it to be an easy pattern to follow?
They are absolutely adorable :)
Oh how sweet! I especially love their little red boots :-) How I wish I wasn't a disaster at sewing (and this while my mum's a professional seemstress, tsss) ;-) xxxx
They are adorable and their outfits are a delight!
So gorgeous, love the fabrics and the shawls you created. They are on my to do list too!! Wendy xx
They are just beautiful, I think people of all ages would like those. I might try a boy version too. Jo x
Molly and Matilda you look so lovely and warm - welcome!
I love seeing what you come up with, and your attention to detail is lovely :)
I love them they are so cute! well done on making them, I might give them a go too, have downloaded the pdf :)
amazing !

Greetings from Poland :)

Matilda and Molly are so sweet and I love their darling shawls!! Such a cute and 'granny chic' touch!! Have a lovely week Sandra!! xo Heather
Such gorgeous little additions to your family Sandra! And I'm particularly taken by Matilda's crochet shawl! I'm starting to get really tempted by this pattern now - I'm thinking of making one for my Mum to keep her company on a long stay in hospital that she'll be having soon as I think it would make her smile x
Wow, gorgeous, lucky little miss getting those x
What a lovely mummy you are! They're just gorgeous. xx
They're perfect, and I love their little boots. That crocheted shawl is pretty enough for a human!
So gorgeous. It is great to get a pattern recommendation for something so cute.
Love Matilda and Molly,especially there cute shawls,xxx
Brave you! They are adorable. Love this and the green shawl is the cherry on the cake. :D