Farmhouse Potholders

I'm calling these a pair of pot holders, or maybe they are trivets, just to justify their existence really.  Actually, their main purpose will be to add a decorative touch to my kitchen shelf.

That and it gave me the chance to enjoy a bit of fabric play and use some of my newer purchases.  As I've mentioned before, I love these quick little projects.  They're such a great way to experiment and play around with stitching, ribbons, lace and other such heart cheering things.  A happy afternoon spent in the craft room and a nice result at the end of it.

Patchwork hexagons are always a winner, so that seemed like a good place to start.  But one thing will lead to another and they say, so as I enjoyed putting the first one together so much, I thought I'd make another.  You can always use things like this around the kitchen after all and they will brighten up my little shelf area beautifully too.

I think they have a nice 'farmhouse' style to them which I love.  I think it's the introduction of a little brown, it seems to soften and warm the other colours.  Yes, I enjoying a little bit of brown and grey in my colour selections these days very much.  That and those teeny, tiny little checks, which I adore too.

S x

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Lovely! Nice little project to try sewing the hexagons.
Gorgeous! And I think naming things is the perfect way to justify somethings existence!!!
What gorgeous pot holders. Almost too pretty to use!
Wow! these are something else! I wouldn't want to get casserole splashes on them, they are too lovely. Jo x
There so pretty the fabrics you've used really compliment each other. :)
Gorgeous, especially love the lace and tag details
. I am so amazed by your productivity Sandra! Puts me to shame :))
Also, I love the padded look to your scallop Dresden, how did you achieve that please?
Lovely fabrics, beautifully put together Sandra - so gorgeous I couldn't bring myself to use them in the kitchen - they'd be purely ornamental! Well done, I admire such creativity! Joy x
Pretty! What kind of wadding do you use for a pot holder Sandra?
i love the fabrics that you used in these. I made one exactly like yours a long time ago but I'd love to revisit it with your pretty color palette. xo
Very sweet Sandra :)
gorgeous little things!!!
xxxx Ale
Just gorgeous!,, love the colors, the combination ans texture. So very beautiful.
They say the shoe maker walks around in broken shoes... My pot holders are not to be seen by the public. They plainly suck. Every time I grab them I think "I REALLY need to make myself a few new cute pot holders. Shame on me having these dirty old terrible ones...", and then I get distracted by something else... Looking at these I am evenmore ashamed. I REALLY should get down to business and just DO IT! These are darn cute. Love the Dresden one the most. As of usual, what detail. You are so good with the detail Sandra.
Really pretty potholders. Love them both!
So pretty makes me want to go play with the pots and pans .. Sarah x
They are really lovely,
Far to pretty to use. Maybe just on display.
These are very pretty!
Oh how lovely are those! Any chance of a little tutorial. x
Those are much too beautiful to use, I love them, so pretty.
Stunning, absolutely beautiful, far too lovely to every use x
They are beautiful, I love the fabrics and trims you choose and the little bits of hand stitching finish them off perfectly. Wendy xx
I just heart you, Miss Cherry Heart! LOL! xo k