Weekend Quickies

If you're reading from the UK, these pictures will probably look familiar.  An awful lot of of places have been covered in snow and it's no different here.  So this weekend has been a lovely lazy one, curled up nice and cozy under blankets.  But of course, snow has to be played in.  If only for the joy of coming in and getting warm with a hot chocolate afterwards, so this weekend we played.

Weekends have been a good time for some quick crochet gratification lately.  I have a bit of a slow project on the go at the moment, which I'll share with you soon, but I've been procrastinating terribly on it, preferring instead to whip up other quick and more instantly satisfying makes.

These headbands for example are just perfect for that 'quickie' urge.

 I found the pattern for these little beautieson Ana's blog Lanas de Ana, do you know it?  I've been following Ana ever since we met through my PCH project last year and she's a  very talented lady from a talented family.  Her site is full of beautiful crocheted makes from herself and her Mother .  Plenty of blankets, shawls, hats and other delights to feast your eyes upon.

I love her ingenious construction for this baby headband, using a hairband to give a bit of extra stretch is really clever and helps you get a really great fit.  I loved it so much, after I made one for my little niece, I sized up her babies pattern to make one for me too.

 Another spur of the moment make was inspired when I saw this cute as a button picture on Pinterest.  The pin I originally found (but can't find now) linked to a Chinese site which I couldn't make head nor tail of, so I set about making my own version.

It was a great little stash buster as I used 4 different yarns held together, 2 aran weight and 2 dk weight.  They were odd balls that had been kicking around for ages so it was nice to finally get them used up out of the way.  Stanley, my pestilential cat and the intended recipient, was keen to be involved in the process.

It only took two days to make, the advantage of that big chunky amount of yarn, and the moment I had finished, naturally, I found the actual pattern.  Always the way, but although mine is not as neat as the original, I thought it would suffice.

 It was a good job too, that I snapped these pics of him on the night that I proudly placed it down as finished and ready for inspection because, despite settling down and spending a happy evening snuggled in his little cubby, he's not dained to come near it since.  Cats!

S x


Arianwen said…
That is an only cat. If I made that, one cat would get in and four others would jump on it from a great height!
Inthesky said…
Oh Stanley...he does not know how lucky he is!
SnuggleBunnie said…
I love the snowballs you guys made. Look like you all had a great time. We get snow here all the time upstate ny. we are suppose to get snow today. So far its freezing but no snow. I am happy with that. I love the headbands very creative.
hi, snow has turned to slush here in Belfast....love your snowy photos with the splash of red. i like the way your mixture of yarn turned out on the cat bed!. best wishes, ali
Cindy said…
The hair bands are really cute and such a nice baby gift, I would think.
Your kitty looks very snug in his new home. A good way to use up lots of misc. yarn.
VintageVicki said…
Stanley looks very cozy - I think I'd like one of those to snuggle up in too!!

Loving the snow - loving having my boys at home :)
Heerlijk die sneeuw!!
En mooi haakwerk,Tineke
Your headbands are so cute!! I love them! I've been making a few granny square and working on another cowl scarf. I bet your kitty loves it!! So sweet! Have a happy Monday! xo Holly
clare said…
fab photos and i do love your snow cat! x
Mandy said…
You have the most beautiful blog I've ever seen. Every picture is so wonderful!
Here in the US, in KY, we are not having much snow. It's quite cold though!
Ahhhh... the little kitty is so cute. Lovely with snow. It seems to be everywhere right now. Enjoy it as long as it lasts.
Hartyboys said…
Thank you for sharing your headbands. Last night I was looking everywhere I could think of for that exact pattern. I knew I had seen it but couldn't remember where and then this morning I see your post in my Google reader and almost cried for joy.
I really want this pattern for a young girl I am teaching to crochet. Ilove the simplicity of this pattern and the end result is beautiful.
Love your work. Will think of you in the snow while we sweat here in Australia.
Dana Lynne said…
I hear you Arianwen! We have 6 kitty babies and would have the same problem here *grin*
Dana Lynne said…
We got approx 4 inches of snow here so far today - the first real snow of the winter! Like you Sandra...I've been crocheting! I got out some fabric to begin cutting for a new quilt, but then I ran out of steam *wink* Now I have a kitty sound asleep on my lap
Dana Lynne said…
PS...I love the headbands! I have a friend who just had a baby girl last November. I think I shall make one for her wee girl!
Ana BC said…
Thank you so much, Sandra, for your sweet words! I really appreciate them. And I am so happy to hear that you liked the headband, even to make one for yourself. (I would too if I had longer hair). Your version is super cute. And I love the "nest" for the cat. I am sure it will come back to it...when it is cold!
♥ Ana
vintage grey said…
Sweet snow photos!! Adorable headbands, and your kitty look so cozy!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather
Sasha said…
Wow! You do have lots of snow. Tee hee your snowcat is awesome =D
I think my kitties are jealous of your kitty's new bed and I'm so jealous that you made it without having a pattern!!
Sarah Jane said…
Those headbands are so pretty! And I love the snowballs...something we'll never get here in Queensland (unfortunately :-) )
Alessandra said…
love your cat's den!!!!
xxxxx Ale
Maaike said…
I am happy to see I am not the only one who crochets for her pet :). Love how you used the different yarns in once! I am currently working on a double stranded knit baby boy blanket, and was wondering how crocheting with multiple yarns would be. But looking at this, I'd say it's easy!

Thanks so much Mandy, what a lovely comment. You've got me smiling from ear to ear! :-D

S x
Yes, it certainly does feel like proper winter when the snow comes. Not sure I want it to keep coming and coming like it's forecast to though!. Yes, Stanley will always choose my lap over any cat bed, no matter how well made! ;)

S x
Lluisa Munoz said…
Lovely headbands, and lovely snow pics :)

Have a great time!

Lluisa x
Sue said…
Ha ha ha that's cats for you, mine are the same, they have a beautiful two tiered wicker basket but much prefer the shopping bags! It looks amazing though and I might just have to make one anyway LOL!
So true! Contrary animals :)

S x